The mission of OrthoSmile Clinic is to care for perfect aesthetic effects improving the facial attractiveness.

Thanks to correcting occlusion, harmonizing of the facial features, whitening of teeth and re- construction of used dentition the faces of our patients grow more beautiful. The orthodontic treatment that our patients have received at our clinic has changed their lives for the better. The beautiful setting of white, even teeth makes them more inclined to smile radiantly which attracts the attention and friendliness of those surrounding them. Better appearance gained thanks to orthodontic therapy improves our mood and increases our self-esteem. It also becomes one of the sources of personal and professional success. The reward for the hard work and effort placed in the orthodontic treatment is the attractive appearance and life satisfaction.

Below you will find metamorphoses of patients treated at OrthoSmile Clinic whom we have helped to make the decision concerning treatment, to go through all the difficulties of this demanding therapy and finally to enjoy the splendid results of the treatment together.

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All patients presented in this material have granted to Orthosmile Clinic their consent to use their likeness on our website.